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In support of the first “Coworking Europe” conference that took place last week in Brussels (Belgium), the editor and authors of CoWorking News based in Munich (Germany) are very happy  to present today the  “European CoWorking Directory” . Currently the directory leads to 136 coworking spaces in 23 countries.  The directory is by no means complete yet. As we hope, it will constantly grow. Please let us know if we did not list your coworking space yet.

Why do we present  the “European Coworking Directory”?

We believe the conference in Brussels proved how much interest and energy there is in Europe (and elsewhere), to network & exchange experiences and coworking knowledge on a global level. This is a very positive movement and moment!  Having started the network of coworking spaces and initiatives in Germany with our first meeting in Meiningen on the 5th of October last year, we like to share with you how beneficial such a step has been for the growth of coworking in Germany. The network process led to the first Coworking Week this September with over 113 events across Germany. The same can happen in Europe.

Experience of the last 18 months tells us that a news service and a provision of basic information about coworking is vital for the whole community. Along with a constant flow of articles about coworking (now over 250) we set up the “German CoWorking Directory” which is an important source of know-how for coworking space users and operators. We also set up the “CoWorking Starter Directory” which is a tool to find partners to jointly build a coworking initiative or  space.  With currently 24 coworking projects in pipeline and 1,5 new projects  added each week, the “CoWorking Starter Directory” is a very important aid for a growing German coworking community.

Equipped with this knowledge we believe the “European CoWorking Directory” which we present today, can play a similarly supportive role for coworking in Europe, as the “German CoWorking Directory” has done for coworking  in Germany so far.

To further strengthen this process, we will start hereby , alongside with “CoWorking-News”, “CoWorking-News International”.  Based on our local network of the German coworking community we would like to invite you to join us in this effort to regularly report on coworking on a global basis. Please read and send us articles, videos, podcasts, pictures, stories of your coworking space and your coworking experiences at . Coworking is a joint activity as we all know, so it would be wonderful if “CoWorking-News International” could reflect this with every article.

Yours, Felix Schürholz, Editor CoWorking-News and CoWorking-News International

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