Coworking space „fact sheet“: AMWorks in Dublin

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When we started the „German CoWorking Directory“ last year, we found it very useful to give every coworking space the opportunity to present themselves with a coworking space „fact sheet“ (Steckbrief). Using a standardized format, the „fact sheet“ is intended to give users a  quick insight of what they need to know about a space they might like to join or visit. The „fact sheet“ is also a good way of communicating „best practices“ and „lessons learnt“ for every coworking space operator. We hope many spaces of the „European  CoWorking Directory“ will also make use of this opportunity. First  off the mark is AMWorks coworking space in Dublin.

Please briefly introduce yourself and briefly describe your coworking space. How did your space come about, how long is you space in operation now? What was the basic idea?

I first heard about coworking a couple of years ago, at the time I was working in a small shared office with a few other freelancers, even though there was only a few of us in the office we could see the benefits it was having on our businesses so I decided to start looking around for a space, I finally found a suitable building & location about six months later, we opened in March 2010 and are located in a restored old mill with exposed brick & stone.

We wanted to provide far more than just a desk and internet access – we wanted a space for collaboration, networking and support, a space where we bring together a community like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups into the same space.

Only using two or three sentences what is the working culture in your AMWorks?

The space is vibrant with a great energy; it’s a productive and inspiring place to work but the most interesting thing that happens when a group of people like this work together is the shared knowledge & support everyone gives one another.

What kind of space, rooms and design do you offer? What is the desk layout like? Do you offer rooms that are booked and paid for separately?

The space is just over 1800 sq.ft with a mainly open plan layout, we have bench desking for 24 people, a meeting room that can accommodate 6-8 people, kitchen, seating area with a small library, a roof terrace for the summer months and an elevator. The meeting room is booked online through our website. Full use of the facilities at AMWorks is included in the monthly membership tariffs, we offer a daily drop-in for €20 per day & 1 hour use of the meeting for €10 to non members.

What kind of furniture and equipment do you offer? Does any of this equipment have to be paid separately?

We offer WLAN & LAN internet access, fair-use of colour and black & white printers, lockable storage for full-time members, LCD projector, whiteboard & flip chart. We dont charge for the use of the equipment.

Do you offer extra-services, what are they?

We offer a Mailing address.

What kind of members do you have at AMWorks at the moment? To what professions do they belong? Have you specialized in any field or industry?

We have a diverse group of members including freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, software developers, graduate students, social entrepreneurs, career coaches, writers and web/graphic designers.

Please describe the location and surroundings of your space? What is the easiest way (means of transport) to reach your space?

We are located very central in Dublin City, many of the buses from North & South Dublin stop on O’Connell street which is a 5 minute walk away. There is also the LUAS tram system just 3 minutes walk. The two main train stations are 5 minutes on the LUAS.

Do you have regular events, presentations, meetings? Do you offer evenings or events especially for new members? If so, please list times and dates.

We currently hold a monthly Jelly event, we hope to have additional events in the near future.

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