There is CoWorking on Mars!!!

Veröffentlicht am 10. Dezember 2010 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking News International, European CoWorking Directory, Feuilleton, Fun, Satire | Trackback URL | Zur Diskussion

Yes, we have known it all along, there is not only life but coworking on Mars! NASA scientists have discovered a formation of stones that resemble a „Coworking Space“. „Closer observation of the pictures, that we have just received, show what we believe to be a collection of „hot or flexible desks“ used by Martian coworkers“: says a NASA spokesperson. He adds: „Next to the desks, we see something that could well be something like a library. If this finding can be verified, it would be the first evidence that Martians do not just use telepathic communication but books the same way that humans do. I believe, history, not only coworking history, might have to be rewritten.“  As Editor of CoWorking News I hereby would like to reach out to all coworking spaces in the universe!!! Please tell us about your Coworking Spaces!!! CoWorking News is now setting up the „Galactic CoWorking Directory“ ;-)))

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