Company Culture in Coworking Spaces influenced by „Foursquare“ and „Groupon“?

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Very often when we speak of the culture in coworking spaces, we think of the way people communicate and relate to each other. We believe that shared values will attract the right people that we like to share our workspace and ideas with. Most of the time we find though that we run our own business or do our own job in parallel to this coworking space culture. I therefore ask myself what happens to the coworking culture when people that previously worked by themselves join in the coworking space to form a company? Can something like a company culture develop in a coworking space? When Brad Neuberg started coworking with Spiral Muse in August 2005, he wanted to „replicate exactly what it is like to work at a cool company“ like Google. Since then many companies have started up like Foursquare (Start 2009) and Groupon (Start 2008) that have the potential to be as influential as Google (Start 1998) in the internet and maybe on coworking culture as well. On Monday at this years DLD, Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) and Andrew Mason (Groupon) gave an insight into their company cultures and the way they see the development of their business models of  „social, local & E-commerce“. Please comment whether you believe there is a new company culture that comes with these two firms and whether this culture will influence coworking culture. 

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  1. I have seen the panel discussion myself. At the outside it looks like that the cultural issues could be transferrable to Germany. Yet there is no real entrepreneurial foundation and eco-system amongst the uprising of entrepreneurial hot spots such as CoWorking Spaces at the moment.

    Back in 2002 (flood crisis) and 2003-2008 (working with BMW at their newest plant in Leipzig) I have realized and lived what „CoWorking“, collaboration, and sharing knowledge really means. Putting these ideals into free-floating entrepreneur environments is a lot more difficult.

    Best regards, Ralf

    PS.: Felix have you been at DLD11 personally and if so what did you take away as learning for coworking?

  2. Hi Ralf, I believe Foursquare and Groupon have already entered coworking culture and coworking behaviour. When Dennis Crowley says that the average Foursquare User has three „check-ins“ per day, that will be a reality for coworking spaces as well. When you have the choice to visit several coworking spaces in your area, you will.

    P.S.: I am still waiting for my invitation to DLD ;-) Maybe DLD12 ;-))

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