8 Days until the Start of the “Open International CoWorking Calendar”

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Today: How to make the most out of the „Open International CoWorking Calendar„.  There are two functions that are particularly useful.

  1. The „Map Function“ (under Where:)
  2. The „Link Function“ (under Description: press „more details“ to use the link function)

1. The „Map Function“: When you enter an event or you read an event you will find it very useful to see or to indicate where the event is actually taking place. This happens automatically when you enter an address in the „where“ line. A blue „map“ link is generated which leads you by pressing it directly to the corresponding location on a google map.

2. The „Link Function“: When you enter an event, you can include a „http-link“ in your description to enable the jump to a website or a document. The reader in turn has to press „more details“  under the description to open the „google calendar view“  in which the „http-link“ is underlined, blue and active.

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