CoWorking News launches the “Open International CoWorking Calendar”

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The growth and the interest in the CoWorking Calendar from January, to February and March 2011 has led us to the next step: The “Open International CoWorking Calendar” where coworking spaces can enter events by themselves. It is very simple. Just drop us your email address to to receive direct access to this public calendar system. Eligible to enter events are the managers of coworking spaces listed in the European CoWorking Directory or in the  CoWorking Starter. If in doubt whether you are eligible, just send us a short email. For the calendar to work as intended, all users need to adhere to a “fair-use” policy, which means:

  • You only enter and change your own events
  • You preferably enter events that are relevant to and interesting for the whole coworking community  
  • Make good use. That is all ;-)

The “Open International CoWorking Calendar” will officially start on the 1st of April 2011. March 2011 events that have not been listed here yet, can of course be listed as soon as you have access.

Please feel free to comment below to further develop the Open International CoWorking Calendar.

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