Only 1 Day until the Start of the “Open International CoWorking Calendar”

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The major focus of the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ is to list events relating to coworking.  Developing our vision a little further the calendar should also help to strengthen the coworking community in general. The first evolution of doing this is by communicating major milestones for coworking spaces like openings and anniversaries. Another stage can be financing milestones relating to crowd funding. We are therefore happy to support Coworking in Leipzig by listing the end of their funding period on the 23rd of April 2011 on the German visionbakery crowdfunding platform.

Enter your events, milestones and end of funding periods now. The „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ starts tomorrow!!!  

If you run a coworking space and you want to list your coming events and important dates, just send us your email address for registration at . As soon as you are registered you can enter your events and dates.

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