Welcome to the “Open International CoWorking Calendar”

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After the 10 day countdown we have ignition!!! With coworking spaces registered from Argentina,  Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and UK the “Open International CoWorking Calendar” is from the word go truly “International”. With events like the 1st Worldwide Hold-Up days taking place tomorrow, the line up for all CoWorking Calendar events in April 2011 reaches even further. The calendar at the start today lists events for:  Hamburg, Dortmund, Antwerp, Florence, Munich, Brooklyn, Washington, Hannover, Milan, Leipzig, Münster, Potsdam, Rosario, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Darmstadt, Shanghai, Roma, San Francisco & Porto. And this is only the start!!!

If you run a coworking space , join our “space journey”.  To list your coming events, just send us your email address for registration at calendar@coworking-news.de . As soon as you are registered you can enter your events.

Hopefully next year, we have our own film about the story of the  ”Open International CoWorking Calendar” until then we borrow this one for inspiration.

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