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This week’s project that is of special interest to the international coworking community is the Facebook Group: Coworking Europe (Please note: To view Facebook content you have to register with Facebook). The group currently counts 264 members which makes it the largest international Facebook Group on coworking.

Facebook, as many users know,  is a very fast and lively network which encourages participation and exchange of ideas. Up to now the group has focused on spreading interesting links about coworking and coworking events.

The reason for choosing the „Facebook Group: Coworking Europe“ as „Project of the Week“ for „Week 21“ in 2011: I believe the group is ready to reach a new level of cooperation and action. Inspired by the Facebook Group: Ohio University Community Service I see a huge potential for the group to focus on a weekly common project. There is so much know how and resources in this group which could easily benefit local as well as international coworking projects.

To make things practical for a first project: I invite everyone in the next seven days to spread the word about the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ and to enter local and international coworking events.  Every event counts and makes a valuable contribution.

Who would like to suggest a project for the following week?

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