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In relation to our second birthday yesterday and as a general coworking challenge I like to launch the „Joint communication initiative for coworking“. Coworking never sleeps, so it would be very useful to give local coworking correspondents in every time zone access to the CoWorking News site to write and publish their articles. The successful launch of the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ provides a strong argument, that this can work very well.

The reason for choosing the ”Joint communication initiative” as “Project of the Week” for “Week 22″ in 2011: Coworking is about collaboration and communication. In the same way as we change our behaviour from moving out of our home office to a coworking space, we need to change our behaviour from not communicating about our work to communicating about our work. Some people do this by posting on Facebook, Twitter, XING, Linkedin etc. or on their own website. This is good, but we can do much better. We all know that „internet surfing“ is not only very time consuming it is also very ineffective. Facebook, Twitter and similar services are ephemeral. Once the news item has fallen of the first page, it is lost for systematic retrieval.  CoWorking News with its extensive search function and categories is quite different. It offers an ideal and long lasting database to document coworking activity which the next day remains as coworking history for everyone to see and read.
When we join our communication activities knowledge and information is gathered for all of us. Nothing is lost and can be put to good use.

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