Project of the Week>>> America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs 2011

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In February 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek started to seek for America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs. Now in June more than 200 suggestions have been narrowed down to 25 for whom you can vote until July 12, 2011 (see also Open International CoWorking Calendar). 

The reason for choosing  ”America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs” as “Project of the Week” for “Week 26″ in 2011: Coworkers and Social Entrepreneurs are very similar. They share common values. They believe in collaboration and they take (or should take ;-) profits as seriously as  they take their missions. John Tozzi puts it very nicely: „Entrepreneurship has always been about solving problems. What distinguishes social entrepreneurs is how much their solutions improve people’s lives. They’re building companies to lift people out of poverty, improve global health, extend human rights, and protect the environment. They’re business people, too, and they take profits as seriously they take their missions. Social enterprises aren’t charities—they sustain themselves and grow because their customers pay for the value they create.“ Howgh, coworkers listen up ;-)))

The following candidates can be voted for:

AllEarth Renewables: solar panels that move with the sun using GPS… ,  Website
Azavea: software that uses geographic data to improve civic life…,  Website
BioLite: fuel-efficient cook stove maker…,  Website „the petition“ for the digital age…,  Website
Dalberg: consulting firm focused on solving social and environmental problems…, Website

Dimagi: open-source software to improve health care in developing countries…,  Website
Drop the Chalk: software for teachers to record students‘ progress steadily…, Website
EcoScraps: EcoScraps recycles food etc…into fertilizer for home gardeners…,  Website
Ecovative Design: industrial food waste  to make bowls, insulation, packaging…,  Website
Emory Knoll Farms: green roofs…putting soil and plants on rooftops…,  Website

Freelancers Insurance Company: health insurance and retirement plans…,  Website
Greyston Bakery: empowering low-income people…,  Website
Intuary: iPad app that speaks words for users who are unable to talk…,  Website 
Maternova: tools & ideas that save mothers & newborns…, Website 
Mia Consulting Group: assisted-living center for elderly residents…, Website
Nest Collective: healthy food that’s as convenient as junk food alternatives…,  Website 
Next Street Financial: merchant bank focuses on for-profits and nonprofits…,  Website 
Preserve Products: toothbrushes etc… entirely of recycled plastics…, Website 
Promethean Power Systems: refrigeration systems that run on solar power…, Website 
Rethink Impact: connecting grant-seekers to foundations online…, Website

Re:Vision Architecture: buildings that are better for the environment…, Website
Social Imprints: helping at-risk adults for the long term…, Website 
StayClassy: software for nonprofits to raise money and organize supporters…, Website 
World Centric:  selling compostable alternatives to plastic and styrofoam…, Website 
YouRenew: sell or recycle your electronics…,  Website

Here you can vote.

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  2. […] on holiday, we are now happy to present the winner. It was very close as the first three of the 25 competitors gained 15,7%, 15,4% and 15,3% of your votes respectively. The winner is Social Imprints (see also […]

  3. […] Phone, Laptop, PC, Tablet, MP3 Payer etc. The company one of the starters in “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs” is specialized in this field: “Everyday, thousands of people buy and sell electronics. […]

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