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It is summer time. Your funds are low as you invested a lot of money and time  in your new project. Financial return will certainly not materialize before the end of the year. Does that mean that you cannot have a nice holiday this year? No!!! Of course not. the site set up to promote fair exchange between budget travellers or language learners and families, individuals or organizations can help you out. If you are prepared to work 5 hours a day, you receive free food and accommodation in return. Consider an exotic place like Caños de Meca in Spain (see Guardian article) or any other place in the host list.

The reason for choosing  ”” as “Project of the Week” for “Week 27″ in 2011: The service that „“ provides is a little like initiating hundreds of  holiday coworking spaces for „budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers“. It is a great project, it is fun and it helps to promote the exchange of services and goods that would otherwise not take place. Well done and make use!!!

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