Coworking and Work-Life Balance

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One of the great things when you come back from a holiday is that you are more sensitive and more observant concerning your daily life and routines. Now is a great chance to change and improve small and big aspects in your work and life balance. If you happen to work in a company there is usually very little scope and opportunity for larger changes. If on the other hand you work at home or in a coworking space the largest limiting factor is usually you and your routines. What would you like to change, which aspect of your work-life balance needs more attention?

Working at home this exercise can take a day, for others it might take a week, or even longer. If  you have the time, that is fine, but if you need quicker results, consider the „fast track“. Being at home you can feel and search your soul for a long time, but what you will not get is a fast and „multi-dimensional“ feedback. Being in a coworking space is completely different. You will get almost instant feedback and not only that you will also get the latest news and, if you care for it, the latest gossip.

Sometimes the feedback will tell you that you are on the right track, sometimes you will find out that you are not. Now, apart from redesigning or rescheduling your plans you might consider getting advice or coaching. You will find that in most coworking spaces there are many consultants and coaches. I, in coworking spaces in Munich for example, offer a decision coaching, if you are unsure which path or option you want to follow. Use the opportunity to meet and talk to your local consultants and coaches. Get to know them and clarify the essence of your problem.

Whatever route you take, make sure that your heart is in it and your energy flows freely.

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