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In week „26“ I presented the 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek competition America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs. As voting finished after we went on holiday, we are now happy to present the winner. It was very close as the first three of the 25 competitors gained 15,7%, 15,4% and 15,3% of your votes respectively. The winner is Social Imprints (see also Bloomberg Businessweek), a San Francisco print shop that hires recovering addicts and ex-offenders. Second place went to Dalberg, a New York-based consultant focused on international social and environmental problems, and third place to Intuary, the maker of an iPad app that helps people who can’t speak communicate.

The reason for choosing  ”The Winners of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs” as “Project of the Week” for “Week 36″ in 2011: (At that point, we are quite happy to repeat ourselves) Coworkers and Social Entrepreneurs are very similar. They share common values. They believe in collaboration and they take (or should take ;-) profits as seriously as  they take their missions. John Tozzi puts it very nicely: “Entrepreneurship has always been about solving problems. What distinguishes social entrepreneurs is how much their solutions improve people’s lives. They’re building companies to lift people out of poverty, improve global health, extend human rights, and protect the environment. They’re business people, too, and they take profits as seriously as they take their missions. Social enterprises aren’t charities—they sustain themselves and grow because their customers pay for the value they create.” Howgh, coworkers listen up !!! ;-)))

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