Creative Environments for Coworking (Part2): Catalyst Ranch

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At the start of the series I like to stay it little bit more on the theme of colours. Colours are very important as they provoke an emotional response. Combining a wide range of colours in an unusual setting will certainly lead to new and fresh ideas. It might not be everyone´s taste, but once in a while it is very useful to leave the own „colour scheme“ to reach new continents of thought and method. (Warning: You might feel tempted to put on your sun glasses while watching the following video of „Catalyst Ranch in Chicago„, to protect your eyesight ;-). Try to resist this reflex :-)))

I would also like to invite your participation. Suggest your favourite creative coworking space or describe the creative elements in your coworking space that you like best. Comment below or send an email with pictures that we can publish in one of our next articles in this series to .

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