New Series: Creative Environments for Coworking

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As a change agent for creativity and coworking I believe it is time to take coworking to the next level. As their are some spaces that are very beautiful and inspire creativity, there are some that are happy to offer not much more than a chair and a desk. Sitting and writing is very important, but there is a lot more required to enable a coworking space to be creative as a whole. In this series I like to look at all aspects that foster individual as well as group creativity in a coworking space. When people think of creativity very often they think of colours or a colourful environment. Colours are very important as they provoke an emotional response. We need to be in tune with our emotions when we want to be creative as individuals. More importantly we need to be aware of our emotions if we want to relate to and create successfully with our coworkers. The wider the ranger of colours in our environment, the wider the range of emotional responses. Natural colours and natural materials usually offer a wider range of tones or colour shades than artificial ones.

A proponent of this style of natural shades is the photographer Paul Barbera. On his site „Where they create“ he presents pictures of creative environments of mostly artists and designers. You can take the natural approach even further when you look at the work of Patrick Blanc with his Vertical Garden. A conceptual opponent with a complete artificial creative environment would be something like Second Life. Second Life translated in the real world would probably look something like Google Office. No, I am just kidding, it is not about right or wrong, nice or ugly. It is not about personal taste. What is most important is that the environment fits the task and the people involved.

I would also like to invite your participation. Suggest your favourite creative coworking space or describe the creative elements in your coworking space that you like best. Comment below or send an email with pictures that we can publish in one of our next articles in this series to .

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