Steve Jobs made computers fun and cool and thereby made coworking possible

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I believe there is a strong connection and interdependence between coworking and the way Apple made the use of computers fun, aesthetic and user-oriented. When you go into a coworking space you do not want an explanation how things are done. You expect to start straight away without a manual. Follow your intuition and curiosity then things just start rolling. Many coworking spaces are successfully applying this recipe and I believe that it is not a coincidence that many of these people use a computer that was inspired and developed by Steve Jobs and his colleagues. Put your heart or an „Apple“ ;-) in your work and things just start to flow. Collaboration needs a sense for and attention to detail, it needs the heart of everyone involved and it needs to be fun. Steve Jobs showed how this could be the foundation of the most successful technology company today. There is a lot we can learn from Steve Jobs and his partners. Stay hungry and foolish, Jobs advised the Stanford Students in 2005 in his famous speech. He could have added, collaborate in a way that is fun and productive. Of course he would have had a coworking space in mind based on the principles and visions that kept him going even in the face of a fatal disease. Thank You Steve Jobs!!! Coworking would not have come about without your visions and products.

To illustrate my point look for example at some of the coworking spaces in Spain, like utopic_US. They embody to me  the „Steve Jobs Coworking Feeling“. Not every space has to be like this, but it is certainly an inspiration.

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