Technology and Design can be fun: A vision transcends a company

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Earlier we looked at the legacy of Steve Jobs. If you look at what the competition of Apple is doing you get an idea of the influence of him and his team. One very nice example of what this looks like is the brand new HTC Sensation XL. It is not just the apple design elements (slim & sleek, understatement with white and silver, pleasing to the eye and hand, combined with colour and reference to nature with the sun, instead of an apple ;-) which makes this smart phone look like an apple product. It is the way the phone is presented in the video below (top in German, but you do not need to understand what the guy is saying, just look at how the product is presented, below there is the English Version too) which shows: Technology and Design can be fun and pleasing. Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs!!!

German Version

English Version

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