“Waste becomes Resource” Campaign on CoWorking News: Christmas gifts

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Giving is an art form. I believe a very good present would always have some element of surprise and individual touch. Individual touch as an expression of the giver and individual touch in recognizing the uniqueness of the person you give to. If you put some special effort into it, you will even succeed in transforming what many people would consider as waste into a beautiful present. What is the favourite product of  the person you like? Maybe the packaging would be the right basis for the present. (see video below for instructions)

 To give you some more ideas have a look at these websites (You will see, many people get inspired by empty bottles ;-):

Planet Trash,  Gadgets, RePlayGroundSkifurniture, UnusualLife (Bottles),  Christmas Recycling Ideas, If you need more ideas just press the Google Button :-)

By the way it is really fun to make these things with your kids and coworkers!!!  And, it is educational :-)))

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