CoworkingSpain supports the „Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign

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The Spanish platform CoworkingSpain which promotes coworking for over 100 coworking spaces supports our „Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign on CoWorking News. This is great!!! The first aim of the campaign is to increase awareness for projects that can be carried out and be supported by many coworking spaces. To have an impact we need to collaborate and use our „Group Genius„. The second aim is to demonstrate the vital role that coworking spaces can perform in bringing about more equality in our society. Without equality we produce poverty, violence, poor health, abuse, waste and misery for most of the people as the film „Zeitgeist moving forward“ clearly shows. To follow the argument go to the film at 1:22:40 if you have little time. This point is also about the identity of the coworking movement. What is it that we believe in? Thirdly concrete change will be achieved if enough people, not only show their willingness to change, but actually act. Join our campaign today, like CoworkingSpain did and be part of the change you like to see!

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