Is Coworking ready for “Coworking Radio”?

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Inspired by Marit Larsen´s song “If a song could get me you” and my long-held conviction that coworking and radio can benefit hugely from another I like to ask whether 2012 will see “Coworking Radio” come alive? A lot of what coworking has been about up to now passes via written texts (emails, websites etc.) – through an interface that is usually a keyboard. I believe spoken texts, live interviews, music, dancing and singing will be very important aspects of our work to come. In an empathic world we need to exchange more than short text messages and emails. Without the “spoken word and music” enthusiasm for new challenges will be very scarce. States of “Flow” as described by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi currently occur very rarely. We need to activate our voices and bodies to be more productive, more energetic. Our society and our planet needs action now. We need to become whole and happy individuals.

Coworking Radio could be a wonderful tool of cooperation between coworking spaces as well as an excellent marketing opportunity for all coworkers and their projects. Listening to “Coworking Radio” while working, walking, driving, travelling, there could be so much information that could pass at the same time. Radio gives us back a linear quality of consumption of information which is so important for the cohesiveness of a group. I think, we would only need something like 80,000€ to provide Coworking Radio with a three year budget. On a plattform like “Kickstarter” we could set up a project to pledge the money. Please comment and get involved. I pledge the first 100€.

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