Makespace in Singapore joins „Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign

Veröffentlicht am 19. Dezember 2011 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking News International, Praxisberichte, Beispiele, Best-Practice, Waste becomes Resource | Trackback URL | Zur Diskussion

Makespace, Coworking Space in Singapore, opening in January 2012 has joined our campaign. The latest pictures are very promising. Boon Teck Tan writes:“We had to do up our coworking space, quite a bit as it was a pretty old space. We had been able to reuse some of the 20 year old light fixtures and supplement them with newer ones. Brings about a certain charm, to repaint and reuse them.“ Of what we can see, this looks great!!!  If  you like to share examples of  „Waste becomes Resource“ elements in your coworking space please join our group on Facebook or send an article to .

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