„Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign: Crowd Accelerated Innovation

Veröffentlicht am 20. Dezember 2011 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking News International, Videos, Waste becomes Resource | Trackback URL | Zur Diskussion

Following our article of the „Crowd-starting dancer“ I like to present what I believe is part 2 to this story: The dancer or the dancing crowd being inspired by another crowd or dancer. Chris Anderson in his TED Talk below makes a very strong case for „Video Driven Innovation“. One dancer being inspired by the next by being able to watch his or her moves in an online video. And this goes on and on as more people share their ideas and „new moves“ on video. All it takes are the elements of a „crowd“, the „light“ that shines on them and their „desire“ to change or innovate. Join our campaign and share your „moves“.

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