„Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign on CoWorking News presents: Books For Africa

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Now this is what I call an achievement!!! 25 million books send to African children since 1988. That is about a million books per year. Great!!! Kevin Jones, one of our activists in our newly founded group , already works with this organization. Starting up, like we just did with this campaign,  it is very useful to learn from other organisations and be inspired by very concrete examples. What could be the vision of the „Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign on CoWorking News? Books For Africa writes very succinctly:“Books For Africa. A simple name for an organization with a simple mission. We collect, sort, ship, and distribute books to children in Africa. Our goal: to end the book famine in Africa.“ If I would try to describe the „Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign on CoWorking News in similar terms, it would read something like the following:“Activists from and for the Coworking Community join together to form a network that translates a „resource-oriented-approach“ into concrete actions and projects. Joining the know-how and infrastructure of various coworking spaces, the magnitude and impact of a wide range of projects is hugely increased thereby magnifying the special nature and value of coworking for coworkers and non-coworkers.“ The motto could be: „Positive actions through coworking power!“

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