„Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign sets up Facebook Group

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For better visibility of all activists we set up a „Waste becomes Resource“ Group yesterday on Facebook. Two themes already popped up in the first few hours. Distribution of „books and furniture“ for and from coworking spaces. Regarding books we could for example set up an „International Coworking Library“. In the same way as coworking spaces have their individual library consisting of contributions of their local users, we could set up a database of all these local libraries. Depending on the distance of the reader to the book, either the reader would travel to the book or the book would travel to the user. Very positive side effect of this library would be the exchange of knowledge about the different spaces. If you could locate a certain book in a space, chance is, their is someone their who has a special expertise regarding this subject. In this way the library would also become a „human library„.

Regarding furniture (desks, chairs, lighting etc.) there could be a very useful exchange between coworking spaces. If you needed furniture to set up a space you would get involved. If you had furniture in a space that you would like to replace you would get involved.

Well, that was a very successful first day!!!  Join the group today and share more  ideas and items that should become a resource for the coworking community and beyond.

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