„Free Coworking“ Group starts „11 o´clock community challenge“

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Free Coworking“ needs a critical mass of Social Capital to attract Financial Capital. This is true on a local, as well as on a global scale. For „Free Coworking“ to operate on a global scale we need at least 10,000 committed activists which I think is worth about 15.000.000 € in Social Capital. In the first three days of our campaign we already gathered in excess of 100.000 € in Social Capital. For everybody to see and experience what a great value this already represents I like to launch the „11 o´clock community challenge“. The idea is simple. Every working day (Monday to Friday) someone puts out a „community challenge“ for 11 o´clock their local time. During the following hour everybody in the group provided, they are awake, free etc. takes a look at the challenge. It should not need more than 2 to 3 Minutes for every person to respond during this hour from 11 to 12 AM. In these 2 to 3 Minutes everybody can share their knowledge, experiences, likes, evaluation, creative input etc. concerning this daily challenge.

For fairness and growth of our Social Capital I set up a schedule rotating through all the „full hour“ time zones starting tomorrow (Wednesday, 11th of January 2012) through to Tuesday, 14th of February 2012. This is a full cycle once around our globe, split into 25 challenges. In total no one needs to invest more than one hour during the whole period, if  you contribute 2 to 3 minutes per challenge.

How is the system going to operate? You can enter your challenge for consideration in the schedule. Something that concerns your project like what do people in the world think about the product or service you offer? You can enter a challenge that you or your coworking space has in your time zone (see schedule for date). For example a problem concerning the local legal situation. You can also suggest a challenge for a particular time zone, that you are not part of, but which you feel belongs to that time zone. For example, if you like to get input to a subject like global warming (by the way challenges do not need to be as challenging as that ;-)), you write it in for „Time Zones (UTC-4) Wednesday 8th February 2012 (Reference Cities: Manaus, O´Higgins Station (Antarctica)) Time: 11 AM“. Any questions?

I am sure there are many questions. The first one that comes to my mind, how do we decide which challenge we pick for the day. A simple solution would be to vote by means of the Facebook Like buttons. Voting could start at 10 AM and should finish by 11:11 AM every day . What do you think, any more questions?

Please post them in our Facebook Group „Free Coworking“ or below. The first challenge will be for Time Zone (UTC=0 or GMT) Reference Cities: Dakar, London, at 11 o´clock local time tomorrow 11th of January. Use the „11 o´clock community challenge“ for your projects and to advance coworking in general!!!

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