„Free Coworking“: It is free?! Yes, it is really free!!!

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We live in a very paradoxical world. We want most things for free: free internet, free music, free films. If it can be reproduced easily or it is digital, of course we want it for free. When it comes to collaboration a lot of people suddenly hesitate. Collaboration for free? No, that is not possible. Why is that? We are so used to being manipulated by nearly everything that is part of our daily life including ourselves that it takes a real effort to become free. Free of our outdated experiences? Just think, when it comes to expectations people have of you?  How free you are? I like to show the video of the crowd starting dancer again:

Here is your chance to be a first follower. Join the „Free Coworking“ Group and enter your „11 o´clock community challenge„. Dare to make a fool of yourself. You can only win!!! You win freedom, that is for sure. And on top, you might get some very useful creative input for your project. Freedom of choice :-))) Freedom to change :-)))

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