„Free Coworking“ starts with „Open International CoWorking Calendar“

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After setting up a Facebook Group for „Free Coworking“ and formulating  some initial thoughts, it is time to promote actual „Free Coworking“ offers. The „Open International CoWorking Calendar„, that is now operating for a year, seems to me a very good tool to support this start. Based on the Google Calendar it is easy to import and export Coworking Events across all time zones. As I believe many coworking space managers will start to offer „Free Coworking“ alongside „Paid Coworking“ the Calendar is an ideal tool to communicate the times and dates when and where „Free Coworking“ is available. Alongside the Facebook Group, the Calendar will be extremely beneficial to highlight and develop „Free Coworking“.

The use of the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ will be free of charge from today onwards and will remain that way to support „Free Coworking“ and Coworking in general. Spread the word :)

If you are a coworking space manager or the organizer of a jelly send us your email address (relating to your Google Account) to calendar@coworking-news.de to get immediate and direct access to enter your events and „Free Coworking“ offers. Coworking is evolving, be part of the movement :)

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