Tomorrow „11 o´clock community challenge“ in UTC+4 (Abu Dhabi, Moscow)

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A global event like the currently running Jellyweek requires a completely new focus for everyone involved. If you want to communicate and cooperate with someone in a different place on this planet, you have to consider that this person is probably living and working in a different time zone to yourself. If you live in Europe and you start to work with someone in the US this is not too difficult. You check the time zone and find that New York has 6 hours difference and you adjust your time table accordingly. But this is only one „relationship“ and only one „time difference“ you have to consider. With a global event where about 200 partners are trying to co-operate who are spread across all time zones this is much more tricky.

We therefore set up the „11 o´clock community challenge“ to experience and solve this problem. The idea is to focus on a particular point during the day that in terms of work challenge is more or less the same for everyone on this planet. At 11 o´clock everyone has worked through their emails and mail and is ready to work through the challenges that are now clear for the rest of the day and beyond. At this point, to have someone you can ask for help or creative input is extremely valuable.

Now we try to synchronize a global team (all coworkers participating) with one chosen time zone. For tomorrow (17th of January 2012) this time zone is UTC+4 (Abu Dhabi, Moscow). At this point, between 11 and 12 AM in this time zone (UTC+4) someone maybe in Moscow or Abu Dhabi needs your help. Find out what time this presents for you by using for example the World Time Buddy. For me living in Munich (Germany) this means between 8 and 9 AM. For someone in Los Angeles this would mean 11PM to 12 PM on the 16th of January 2012. So if you managed to get this far, the only thing you need to do now is to join the „Free Coworking“ Group on Facebook and indicate with a like that you are part of the „11 o´clock community challenge“ for this time zone tomorrow. This is a real challenge and if we manage to get more than 7 people from more than three time zones this would represent a real milestone and huge success. Come and join and show what coworking and collaboration can achieve!!!

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