Applied Social Science & Innovation: Analysing the „Free Coworking Skill Sharing“ database

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Wow, this could be a world premiere!!! People from all over the world analysing a world movement right from the beginning and thereby shaping the development of things to come! Everyone can take part as the database is open. You can download the database to your computer and start to analyse. And then? Then starts the innovation! By asking the right questions, the data will yield extremely interesting results. But even better, we look and go beyond the results. We start to change, what needs changing to improve the value of the „Free Coworking Skill Sharing“ (Input), (Output) for everyone involved.

I will start the process by giving some examples:

What does the data yield looking at gender?
Gender currently 24th February 2012: ca. 30% Women, 70% Men
What can we deduce from this? We can compare this figure for example with the human sex ratio, where we find a nearly even distribution. Looking at internet usage, we also find a more even distribution.
Possible action required?

1. Inform more women about the „Free Coworking Skill Sharing“
2. Make the tool more attractive for women
What do you think?

What does the data yield looking at geographic distribution?
Currently there are few clusters. With 18 participants from 10 different countries the group is extremely international.
The biggest cluster at the moment comes from Germany (33%),  France (17%) and USA (11%). Adding up the clusters, we find that 61% of participants live in a country with a cluster, whereas 39% do not.
Possible action required?

Of course, the number of participants is at the beginning very small, but we can see that 39% of participants live in countries where they might be the only people who know about „Free Coworking“. We should consider starting communication campaigns for „Free Coworking“ in countries like: Austria, Canada, China, Kenya, Greece, Sweden and Switzerland. The same would also apply to cities like:  Gothenburg, Nairobi, Beijing, Montblanc, Perpignan, Athens, Seattle, New York, Munich, Vienna, Sydney(NS), Zug and Berlin.

Looking at the number of participants who are coworking space operators, who could potentially be space operators (Jellies/Coworking Events) and those people interested in „just“ using a space?
Operators (33%), Pot. Operators & Jellies/Events (44%), Space User (22%)

Possible action? We find that 78% of participants are „coworking insider“ or „coworking operator“ and only 22% are users. I think and hope that this ratio is going to develop in the other direction with for example 20% operators and 80% users.

Do you agree that this would be an important development?

Please spread the word for „Free Coworking„. Please analyse the data that we have now, and the data as it is developing. We are all responsible to develop „Coworking“ and „Free Coworking“. Please contribute what you can contribute! Then we are bound to succeed!!!


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