Coworking in Manchester – Manchester Digital Laboratory – a „Cultural Capital Space“

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Situated in the „Northern Quarter“ of Manchester (UK), MadLab offers a new kind of  „coworking“ experience. Aimed at both creatives and technologists, the facility provides a space and resources for collaboration, professional development and discovery. As the primary focus of the laboratory has never been „coworking only“, it possesses a foundation or business model that, as it proved in Manchester, is possibly more sustainable than a space that is offering „paid coworking“ only. Started in 2009 by Rachael Turner, Asa Calow, Hwa Young Jung and Dave Mee, MadLab has also been the host to the coworking cooperative „FlyThe.Coop„. The „paid coworking“ though had to terminate its operation after one year. Ben Gibbs, one of the founders of  „FlyThe.Coop“ had to change the concept and is since then organizing a casual coworking event called „Manchester Jelly“. The Event is free, like so many others at MadLab and is now being offered every Friday. Great!!!

Dave Mee of MadLab, who I met in Manchester today, shared some further aspects of the laboratory with me. He likes to compare the laboratory with a „Youth Club for Adults“. In this not-for-profit community freelancers and new enterprises can keep abreast of new technologies and approaches. The „Omniversity“ of Manchester, one of the cornerstones of the project, provides for example professional training courses to very affordable conditions in skills like Web Programming with SAP, VVVV, Ruby & Rails etc. There is also a Citizen Science Programm which tries to make science and development real for ordinary people. I believe this approach which Dave Mee likens to a „Cultural Capital Space“ is very interesting and a very valuable addition to the coworking „landscape“. Social Capital and Cultural Capital are aspects, I think, that more and more coworking spaces will have to look into to develop and shape the future of „Coworking“ and  „Free Coworking“. Thank you MadLab for the great work you already carry out in that area!!!

Web Programming with SAP’s Internet Communication Framework with DJ Adams from Prohyena on Vimeo.

VVVV + MapTools : introduction to the tools of projection mapping (2) from Prohyena on Vimeo.


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