Coworking needs more transparency and Coworker involvement

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As I was just researching on an article on “Free Coworking” , more precisely on “Free Coworking Grants”, I noticed something that we should become more aware of. In trying to make a better coworking world, we run the danger of becoming slaves to an apparently “cozy” but artificial design world. In doing so, we tend to relate more to the building and things rather than to our coworkers. To give you an example. There are a lot of coworking sites now that promote coworking offers. A lot of them are very nicely done, with very attractive pictures. One example “SharedDesks”. The example chosen is random, I picked London, and this is what I found. Very beautiful, I think everyone will agree, but something is missing. It is not only the people that are missing in the picture, but more importantly there is no feedback loop. You cannot comment on this or any other coworking offer as a user. And this is the same on all the other sites I found in the net.

In contrast there is a site in the net called “yelp”, where you will find “real reviews” by “real people” as the site claims. There you find pictures and reviews of coworking offers. These reviews and pictures can be nice and positive or more in the “ok” category.* *[Note: While writing this article one negative review (one star) for Citizen Space San Jose was deleted, see picture below. So much for transparency :-(((()]Copy of Ausschnitt Yelp Klein

I think we need more of this feedback from coworkers. To get this we need more transparency and more coworker involvement. Everyone of us can contribute to this. We started “Free Coworking” to address this need. We need more collaboration, more team work, more social capital. Join our Facebook Group, add yourself to the “Skill-Sharing“, start a local “Free Coworking” campaign. Here is where you can start: Spaces, Coworker!


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