„Free Coworking“ at GCUC in Austin, Texas

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I just saw on Google Groups that there is a great opportunity for people who cannot make it to Austin to take part in the discussions tomorrow (8th of March). Claire Rodriguez is setting up various Google Hangouts (Panellists), (Unconference). As we will not be able to be in Austin this could be a great opportunity for us to take part and to discuss and develop „Free Coworking“ with the panellists and visitors of the conference. I hope there will also be some people „on the ground“ in Austin who are interested to discuss the subject. Looking at the schedule of the conference, the sessions from 9:30 to 10:30 „How to Design, Build and Grow your Space for Collaboration“ and from 1:15 to 2:00  „How to Get Government Funding, Operate as a Non-Profit and be Bad Asses“  are probably most relevant for „Free Coworking„.  I asked Claire if she might be able to set up a forum for „Free Coworking“. If we are lucky, she will succeed. In any case, I hope we will advance the idea and can develop „Free Coworking“ during the conference in one way or another. Please join if you can!


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