Free Coworking at the Public Library

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I like to pick up the great ideas of Phil Shapiro (PC World) and SELC (Policies for a Shareable City #13: Public Libraries). Phil Shapiro suggests a very interesting „Free Coworking“ model for public libraries which the SELC supports:

„Do you work as a computer programmer, writer, editor, animator, or graphic designer? Would you like a free desk to do work at your public library? What’s the catch? The catch is that you need to contribute 10 or 20 percent of your time to serving the public in some way. You can either set aside time to answering the public’s questions or teach classes or work on public-oriented digital projects of various kinds. You might also mentor a youth or an adult. You might want to cowork at the public library just three days per week, in which case you need to contribute just 10 percent of your coworking time. If you cowork at the public library five days a week, you would need to contribute 20 percent of your time.“

What do you think, how do you like this model? Anyone know of any libraries where this system is already in operation? If yes, please add to the „Free Coworking Directory„. If not, please talk to your local library! For more information on „Free Coworking“, please refer to our resource page.


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