Philip Rosedale, founder of Linden Lab gets into Free Coworking

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Philip Rosedale, the creator of  Second Life is interested in coworking and the future of work. With his new company „Coffee & Power“ he is trying to connect the techie and coworking community. With three so called „Workclubs“ already opened in San Francisco, Santa Monica & Portland (Oregon) (see Free Coworking Directory) he attempts to bridge „the classic digital/brick and mortar divide“ as one user says. Asked in the video below to his core motivation for „Coffee & Power“ he says: „Build an infrastructure where people can build things really, really quickly without the (;-) of … (in short) … Get people to work really fast together“.

With a combination of open source, auction and free coworking Philip Rosedale has set up a business model which I believe is not only very interesting but very conducive to collaboration. I have started a dialogue with Philip and I hope that we can help to bring free coworking to more and more coworking spaces. If you are interested in free coworking please enter the Free Coworking Skill Sharing (Input), (Output) or the Free Coworking Directory (Input), (Output). For more information on  free coworking please refer to our resource page.


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