We celebrate 500 articles on CoWorking News!!! (Part2): Year 2010

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On the 20th of March 2012 we published our 500th article. In this series we like to review the articles that you (the readers) and we (the authors) both consider most relevant and important to demonstrate what “CoWorking News” represents today. In part 1 we looked at our start in 2009. Today we like to continue with our most important articles in 2010.

2010 saw the biggest growth for Coworking Spaces in Germany. With just about one space opening up every fortnight 2010 can be regarded as the year that produced the most dramatic change for coworking in Germany.

The series of meetings of the German Coworking Spaces and Coworking Initiatives continued in 2010 with among others the meeting in Cologne (16.6.2010). The meeting was particularly important as the participants prepared the ground for the first Coworking Week that took place in Germany in September 2010.

With the fast growth, the increased attractiveness and increased economic relevance competition and political in-fighting in the German Coworking Scene also became more apparent and dominant. In my article from the (2.7.2010) I tried to reconcile these elements of competition and cooperation struggling with each other in the coworking movement until today. The healthy solution for this struggle is, I believe, trying to achieve and focus on a system of  stable coexistence based on values of respect, integrity and open/cooperative communication.

In August 2010 (31.08.2010) we launched the „Coworking Starter„, a coworking directory dedicated to coworking initiatives and people who are looking for partners to set up a coworking space. This directory proved very beneficial for many spaces and helped to support the unparalleled growth of spaces in 2010 in Germany.

The Coworking Week in September 2010 produced 113 events in 17 German cities (19.09.2010).

While this was a great success and very encouraging a „coworking space operator-driven-growth“ proved not to be very sustainable.  A new communication platform for networking of space operators in Germany set up after the meeting in Munich (2.11.2010) never really caught on. After a couple of months no one used it any more. The above mentioned system of stable coexistence had not been established.

At the end of November 2010 we launched the „European CoWorking Directory“ (26.11.2010). While the new international focus was very valuable and beneficial for everybody to some extent it also masked the above problems that have not been solved yet. Mutual respect, integrity and open/cooperative communication are still very much in demand for coworking to grow in a sustainable way. This holds true not only for Germany, but also on a European or Global level.

Apart from „coworking bonding“ we also looked at physical aspects of coworking. The article on workstations (27.11.2010) turned out to be very inspiring and fun. Thanks to the Web Urbanist we presented some really „Geeky Temptations„. This marks the end of 2010 and also the end of part 2 of this series.

We will continue this series, of our “first-500-articles” with our top articles in 2011. Stay tuned!

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