We celebrate 500 articles on CoWorking News today!!! (Part1): How we started in 2009

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We are very happy to share and review with you the most interesting stages and developments of „CoWorking News“ at this  „500-article-milestone“ today!!! Thanks to your interest and feedback, it was very easy to identify about 25 articles that you (the readers) and we (the authors) both consider most relevant and important to demonstrate what „CoWorking News“ represents today. This is the foundation we can build on and that we like to develop! Thank you for being our supporters and readers!!!

When Alexander, Florian and I started CoWorking News in June 2009 we could not find a central source of information on coworking with regular: news , events, background information and directories of coworking spaces. Now 500 articles later, we are very proud to say that there is one! You found it! It is here!

In 2009 our focus was very much on setting up an infrastructure, gathering and presenting knowledge „on how to start a coworking space“ and last but not least to bring together everybody interested in coworking in Germany.

One very important element to make the „German Coworking Directory“ (that we started in 2009) more personal was to introduce a „fact sheet“ (Steckbrief). The most successful „fact sheet“ was the one of Unperfekthaus in Essen (Germany) (13.06.2009) which was read several thousand times since. Alongside the German Version of the fact sheet, we now also have an English Version for the „European CoWorking Directory“ that we set up in 2010.

Florian´s article (17.08.2009) (in German) on the book  „The rise of the creative class“ also proved very popular.

A very practical article written by Alexander (9.9.2009) referring to a free online office planning tool still finds many daily  readers  in 2012.

As there were no coworking spaces in Hamburg and Munich at the time, we were very happy to be able to start and offer coworking in Munich in a very nice pub once a week in October 2009 (3.10.2009). The large number of readers of this article was a very good indication for the potential of coworking not only in Hamburg and Munich but everywhere else in Germany.

With this knowledge we initiated the first meeting of the German Coworking Spaces and Coworking Initiatives in the most central location we could find in Germany, in Meiningen (Thuringia). The meeting should prove to be the first of many to come and instrumental in supporting the growth of coworking in Germany. We are very proud to be able to show you a small film of this historic event (21.10.2009).

Alexander´s reference (30.11.2009) to „15 Awesome And Inspiring Offices“ turned out to be a huge inspiration and visual highlight to many spaces and people interested in coworking in Germany. This marks the end of  2009 and also the end of part 1 of this series.

We will continue this series, of our „first-500-articles“ with our top articles in 2010. Stay tuned!

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