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Coworking: In what area do we want to get better next year? (Part 1)

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Slowly, slowly the year is drawing to an end. Time to look at what we have achieved this year and where we want to get better next year. We like to invite all coworking spaces and coworkers in a short series of articles to share with us their personal achievements of 2012 and to look ahead at their goals for 2013. As a little inspiration we like to present to you a new coworking space in Hamburg (places hamburg) which doubles as a coworking space and event location. It is particularly strong on interior design ideas. Well have a look for yourself.

Coworking needs more transparency and openness: No details available regarding Loosecubes shut down

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Many of you might have read that „Loosecubes“ has shut down on Friday 16th of November 2012. I tried to contact Loosecubes for an explanation but did not get an answer. Venturebeat and techcrunch had similar responses. Now there is wide speculation why a company that allegedly raised a substantial amount of money in the last couple of months has closed.

Coworkers for Human Evolution: Show your support for a „Less Crazy“ Society

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I like to invite you on a journey that for many people might sound a little crazy, but just give it a go. It will only cost you 5 minutes and I guarantee you a laugh in the video below: Noise is extremely powerful. It is very difficult to ignore and it will even have an effect on you long after it stopped. At this time of the year leaf  blowers could provide this sound for many of us. I guess many people will agree with me that they are a complete nuisance!!! (They are too noisy, present a considerable source of air pollution, produce dust clouds which contain potentially harmful substances, kill substantially more small animals, unnecessarily use fossil fuels etc. …) compared to a technology like a rake or broom.

Free Coworking in New York following Hurricane Sandy

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We just learned from „TNW-The Next Web“ that „New York offers up free office and coworking space to startups displaced by Sandy„.  You can find a list on this site. You can also find a map here.

If you want to learn more about the  free coworking movement please refer to our resource page.  Support free coworking across the globe by entering your free coworking offer in the „Free Coworking Directory„. Thanks!


Playlist zum Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 in Berlin: Eine neue Kultur mitgestalten

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Auf dieser Playlist stehen 43 Videos mit in Summe fast 16 Stunden Material zur Verfügung (u.a. mit dem Thema Inkubator und Coworking).  Als Einstieg empfehle ich jedoch das Video von Prof. Gerald Hüther – „Discover your potential“. (oder wie man/frau es wiederfindet :-)) oder (was wir von den Lachsen lernen können) Die Geschichte mit der Küchenschabe ist etwas makaber, da müsst ;-)  Ihr durch… Der Lohn: Wir können uns gegenseitig begeistern!!!