Coworkers for Human Evolution: Show your support for a „Less Crazy“ Society

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I like to invite you on a journey that for many people might sound a little crazy, but just give it a go. It will only cost you 5 minutes and I guarantee you a laugh in the video below: Noise is extremely powerful. It is very difficult to ignore and it will even have an effect on you long after it stopped. At this time of the year leaf  blowers could provide this sound for many of us. I guess many people will agree with me that they are a complete nuisance!!! (They are too noisy, present a considerable source of air pollution, produce dust clouds which contain potentially harmful substances, kill substantially more small animals, unnecessarily use fossil fuels etc. …) compared to a technology like a rake or broom.

The only overt reason why people still use them is that they believe that they are more efficient and thereby save time and money. The thing is though, that there is no objective proof that they are more efficient. A short research in the internet (common sense or just try it yourself ) will show you that even if you are prepared to compare these very different modes of moving leaves, you will not find a substantial difference in efficiency. So what remains is a superfluous, noisy and harmful machine that gives its users the false impression that they could  (by machine power) somehow reduce this particular type of work. Luckily common sense has already prevailed in some communities (for example in California, Arizona or even in some German communities) by banning or stopping to use these machines.

Bans though are rarely the right solution because they fail to support us in growing and exercising more individual responsibility. Humour can help like in the video below.

Better still, let us use the noise of the leaf blower to remind us of the crazy world in which we are living in . (Crazy world? You do not know what I mean? Think of the financial crisis or world hunger to name just two. Sorry I have to be a little blunt here.) I guess I am still under the influence of the leaf blower running outside ;-)

What is the solution then? Banning the leaf blower will, I believe,  probably not help. But if we all manage to exercise more individual responsibility we can do „less crazy“ things in all walks of life. Yeah!!!

Following that train of thought though (just imagine): If we manage to convince 80% of all leaf blower users worldwide to voluntarily stop using their machines we would, as a „nice by-product“,  I am sure,  be able to reduce the hunger in the world by a substantial amount. Crazy hey?!!

Call me a dreamer or join the movement for a „less crazy“ society. (If in doubt think of the butterfly effect. The leaf blower could be „our butterfly“ for a better or „less crazy“ society.)


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