Coworking needs more transparency and openness: No details available regarding Loosecubes shut down

Veröffentlicht am 21. November 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Klatsch & Tratsch, CoWorking News International | Trackback URL | Zur Diskussion

Many of you might have read that “Loosecubes” has shut down on Friday 16th of November 2012. I tried to contact Loosecubes for an explanation but did not get an answer. Venturebeat and techcrunch had similar responses. Now there is wide speculation why a company that allegedly raised a substantial amount of money in the last couple of months has closed.

I strongly hold the view that Coworking needs more transparency and openness regarding sustainability and its associated business models. Paradoxically Free Coworking, I believe, can provide this transparency because  when something is for free it is only ethical to explain and show who has got to pay the bill and why. What are your thoughts on the Loosecubes shut down?


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