Coworking Study by Katy Jackson for Masters Degree

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We are very happy to share with you the Coworking Study by Katy Jackson. She wrote: „I recently completed a study on Coworking and surrounding factors for my Masters degree. My intention was always, in true coworking spirit, to share my final report with the coworking community so that it can hopefully be in some way useful to people, spark ideas or just generally make people think differently.“

Thank you!!! Great!!!

As an introduction to the study you might want to watch the video „People in Beta“ which among other sources appears to have inspired Katy  in her work.

People In Beta from KS12 on Vimeo.

I also believe that there is a change in our economy and also in coworking. It is called sharing or in some instances „a gift economy“ (as in the video above).

In terms of coworking, I like to call it „Free Coworking„. Please feel free to refer to the article „Coworking Evolution: Coworking goes “Free Coworking”“ where you will many of the arguments presented in the video above.

For more information on „Free Coworking“ find our resource page.

Thank you very much Katy for the great study which we are also happy to add to our Link List/ Partnerseiten (in the right column of every page).


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