Currently 864 Free Event Hours in CoWorking Calendar for April 2013

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As the Free Coworking Map is growing, now 127% in 25 days, we love to draw your attention to the associated development of the CoWorking Calendar. Count today, we list 126 free day events for April, which equates to 864 free coworking event hours. As there are still 22 days in April to go, we believe that the coworking community will rise to the challenge to break the 1000 free coworking hours for April listed in the calendar.This would represent a huge milestone for collaboration and the growth of coworking worldwide. If you do not have access to the CoWorking Calendar yet, just drop us a line with your google calendar account email address so that we can add you straight away.



Spread the word for free coworking so that more and more social capital will attract more financial capital!!!



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