We did it!!! We broke the 1000 free coworking hours for April today!!!

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Only one week after the start of our challenge, we currently list 1081 free coworking hours in the Coworking Calendar for April!!! When we saw the signs at the beginning of the month, we could not imagine, that the growth would be that large. More and more people start to engage in various activities to promote free coworking. There is for example the Free Desk Campaign by Open Studio Club or the setting up of the Coworking Visa Map by The Network Hub. Worldwide everyday people set up new free coworking offers and free coworking initiatives. We think this is great and we hope that the free coworking logo will appear in more and more locations and on more and more platforms.

The logo will signal that here you find a coworking offer that is free either because of a:

  • Free coworking event/jelly
  • Free coworking grants or sponsored coworking
  • Free coworking trial period/coworking visa

or last, but not least a business model that offers free coworking on a permanent basis:

  1. Mixed model (paid & free alongside)
  2. Basic services free
  3. Pure free coworking

Check for the more than 1000 free coworking hours in April below or refer to the Coworking Calendar:

We think that this is great and we therefore like to encourage you to enter more free coworking offers, so everybody can benefit.

Any more questions about free coworking and how you can enter your space and free coworking event please refer to our resource page: Free-Coworking.org

There is also a Facebook group you can join.

Please spread the word for free coworking so that more and more social capital will attract more financial capital!!!



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