Smarter and easier to use „Open International Coworking Calendar“, now with 4 time zones

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Today, 3rd of May: Already over 1.000 free coworking hours in the Coworking Calendar for May 2013.  As a little thank you for all your contributions and events, we made the calendar a little smarter and easier to use. Studying the various events, you will find that currently there are a lot of events in the USA. We therefore have two time zones for the USA (East Coast and West Coast). Added to that we have one for Asia (China) and one for Europe (Berlin). We will see if this is enough for the beginning. We can of course always add more, if need be. We hope that you enjoy this new feature!

Time zones for Open International CoWorking Calendar

Berlin | New York | Los Angeles | Beijing |


New York

Los Angeles


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