August 2013 is a Free Coworking Month with record potential

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Judging by past figures August 2013 will become the biggest free coworking month yet!!! Going into August, we have already listed 1.137 free coworking hours in the Coworking Calendar.  This compares to June 2013 which started with 1.021 hours and eventually totaled 1.380 free coworking hours. We are confident that we (the International Coworking Community and Free Coworking Activists) will be able to break the 1.400 free coworking hours in August 2013!!! Why?

Because August is the month where we celebrate the International Coworking Day. On Friday, August 9th 2013, we remember the first week of coworking „a new kind of work environment for free spirits“ that was started by Brad Neuberg with Spiral Muse in 2005. More and more people are setting up special events and opportunities for free coworking on and around Friday, 9th of August 2013 now. Join spaces like Makeshift Society in San Francisco or the Foundery in Toronto to celebrate International Coworking Day with us.

Or even better, offer the whole month for free like the Dunes in Washington, DC or the Bindery in Indianapolis, IN. The Bindery has set up a signup page on „Signup Genius“ that we particularly like. Join them and others and enter your coworking and free coworking event for August 2013 in the Coworking Calendar. Just drop us a line to to get  direct access to the calendar. All we need is a gmail/googlemail address you are using to get you started.

To check for event dates, please refer to the Coworking Calendar:

Time zones for Open International CoWorking Calendar

Berlin | New York | Los Angeles | Beijing |


New York

Los Angeles


We think that this is great and we therefore like to encourage you to enter more free coworking offers and events, so everybody can benefit.

Any more questions about free coworking and how you can enter your space and free coworking event please refer to our resource page:

There is also a Facebook group you can join.

Please spread the word for free coworking so that more and more social capital will attract more financial capital!!!





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