US Library joins others in developing Free Coworking with Digital Commons in Washington, DC

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Following EUREKA Loft in Scottsdale, Arizona, now „Digital Commons“ at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, DC is offering free coworking as well. The new coworking space opened last week. It is equipped with 16 iMac Computers, 60 PCs, 4 iMac Creative Stations with Adobe Creative Suite Software, 3-D Printer, Digital Bar to test-drive tablet computers, Dream Lab collaborative space with smart boards and video conferencing capability, Skype Station, Video Phone etc.

The basic idea:“The library will be looking for people who, in exchange for access to the coworking space, are willing to share their expertise for one hour a month. The goal is to foster an environment of collaboration and sharing among the people using Digital Commons.“

Great!!! We love this and are looking forward to add more and more spaces of this kind to the Free Coworking Directory.

Any more questions about free coworking and how you can enter your space and free coworking event please refer to our resource page:

There is also a Facebook group you can join.

Please spread the word for free coworking so that more and more social capital will attract more financial capital!!!






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  1. See libraries in Brooklyn, NY and Columbia, SC joining as well.

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