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How we can show that Free Coworking really works: The „Free Coworking Challenge“

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Since first publishing about free coworking in January 2012, I noticed again and again, that there is an important element missing. This element is necessary to prove that free coworking is a truly sustainable mode of operation for coworking spaces. I believe that I have found this element now! The missing element that I have identified is a working „feedback loop„.

Free Coworking Feedback Loop

Coworking Evolution: Coworking goes „Free Coworking“

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Yes it is true. Coworking is going to evolve into „Free Coworking“. I predict that within the coming year you will see a marked increase in „Free Coworking“ offers. What do I mean by „Free Coworking“?  „Free Coworking“ means that as a coworking space user you do not pay for the use of the desk, chair etc. How is that possible? Someone else is going to pay :-) !!! Why would anyone want to pay for your coworking space usage? Because „this someone else“ is benefiting from your work. This might be a customer or client, a member of your project team, an organisation, a small or large cooperation, a foundation, the state – in short „Financial Capital“ will pay the bill.


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Hier finden Sie – alphabetisch nach Städten sortiert – einen Überblick über unabhängige CoWorking-Zentren und -Orte im deutschen Sprachraum. In diesem redaktionell gepflegten Verzeichnis fokussieren wir uns auf existierende und spezialisierte CoWorking-Locations – wenn vorhanden mit einem ausführlichen Steckbrief, in jedem Fall aber mit allem, was Sie zum Finden der Angebote benötigen.

Wenn Sie Betreiber eines CoWorking-Angebotes sind und hier noch nicht gelistet sind, dann kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. Danke.

European CoWorking Directory

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Here you find – in alphabetical order of 1. Country and 2. City – an overview of  coworking spaces currently operating  in Europe and Neighbourhood Countries.  In a few cases coworking spaces are also listed, when opening is imminent. In this case, the opening date is indicated. The directory is kept up to date by our editorial staff.

If you are an operator or user of a coworking space that has not been listed yet, please contact us . Thank you!

„Free Coworking“: Reply to Jay Thomas (Coworking Space Operator)

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First of all a big thank you to Jay for his great comment and very valuable points concerning the introduction of „Free Coworking“ in an already running coworking space!!! I am taking the unusual step to reply to his comment in a blog article, because I believe many people are interested to join the discussion.