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Alex Hillman: „It is all about the first 10 people!“

Veröffentlicht am 9. November 2011 von in Kategorie: CoWorking Kultur, CoWorking News International, Interviews, Videos | Kommentieren »

When you want to start a coworking space, it is always worthwhile to listen to those who have done it successfully before. One of those is Alex Hillman (Indy Hall). At last weeks Coworking Conference in Berlin Alex shared his experience with awt tv:

Free coworking stresses the importance of community building and social capital

Veröffentlicht am 10. April 2012 von in Kategorie: CoWorking Basics, Konzeptionelles, CoWorking Kultur, CoWorking News International, Meinung, Videos | Kommentieren »

Already one of the great fruits of the widespread discussion on free coworking is the acknowledgement that paid coworking has lost its bearings in many instances. Alex Hillman on his blog dangerouslyawesome puts it like this: „MANY paid coworking spaces aren’t differentiating themselves from business centers and aren’t keeping in line with the coworking core values. Social capital is often missing from the exchange between the provider and the member.“ I fully agree with Alex!!!