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Is Coworking ready for „Coworking Radio“?

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Inspired by Marit Larsen´s song „If a song could get me you“ and my long-held conviction that coworking and radio can benefit hugely from another I like to ask whether 2012 will see „Coworking Radio“ come alive? A lot of what coworking has been about up to now passes via written texts (emails, websites etc.) – through an interface that is usually a keyboard. I believe spoken texts, live interviews, music, dancing and singing will be very important aspects of our work to come. In an empathic world we need to exchange more than short text messages and emails. Without the „spoken word and music“ enthusiasm for new challenges will be very scarce. States of „Flow“ as described by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi currently occur very rarely. We need to activate our voices and bodies to be more productive, more energetic. Our society and our planet needs action now. We need to become whole and happy individuals.

How to support a documentary film on kickstarter

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Film is a very powerful medium to communicate. Whether it is an emotional, spiritual or other subject. Coworking can use this medium in a very effective way as I showed with some examples before. I have personally gathered footage which I like use for a feature film documentary about coworking. I am inviting other film-makers to contribute their ideas and material to really make this a coworking project. For inspiration and support I like to present the current kickstarter campaign for the documentary film „My Reincarnation„. The film was shot over a twenty year period. I think we could do it for the coworking film over maybe a period of seven years.  If you are interested to participate please contact me. Feel free to support the above kickstarter campaign for the theatrical release of „My Reincarnation“ in the USA and elsewhere.

„Awesome Foundation“ and „Kickstarter“ get your project implemented

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Yesterday I presented the „Awesome Foundation„. If you have a “crazy brilliant idea” there is a good chance they will reward you with  $1,000 to start your project. As $1,000 will not get you very far in most cases you will need additional funding. One of these additional sources could be „Kickstarter“ that we also presented before. Now here is a project that used both of these sources successfully: „Scarf-a-day„. On the 27th of December 2010, Meredith Scheff was awarded the $1,000 by the „Awesome Foundation„. As she found the need for additional funding she also set up a Kickstarter project on the 1st of January 2011 for another $1,000. There she wrote : „This project is the recipient of an Awesome Foundation grant, but I need help to really pull this off with style.“ And she did!!! At Kickstarter she raised $1,538 in 7 days. With more than $2,500 she produced the 31 scarves she set out for. At her blog, you can have a look at all of them with some background information. This is the one I like best :-) Enjoy and get inspired!!!

KICKSTARTER has worked for Coworking in Cambodia

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With less than 40 hours to go, it is clear that the coworking space in Battambang (Cambodia) has reached its goal of 8,500$. The current pledge stands at 10,001$ !!! Congratulations!!! On the 12th of December we presented the project. We hope other projects are encouraged to follow the success of New Work City and now Coworking Battambang to use KICKSTARTER or similar platforms!!!

Get Free Coworking for Product Placement, Cooperation & Time Exchange (Part1): Product Placement

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There are so many ways in which you can get free coworking. We like to present in this series a number of different options that you can use, develop or take as inspiration for new ways and deals. Drop us a line at redaktion@coworking-news.de if you like to contribute or comment below.