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How to start a coworking space by video message: London (UK)

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Maybe other coworking space starter will follow this original idea from London (UK) . We will certainly support this idea by setting up an „International CoWorking Space Starter Directory“, similar to the German one that has already proofed so beneficial here. Extra content: A video like this one! Just send us a short email with the link to your video.

European CoWorking Directory

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Here you find – in alphabetical order of 1. Country and 2. City – an overview of  coworking spaces currently operating  in Europe and Neighbourhood Countries.  In a few cases coworking spaces are also listed, when opening is imminent. In this case, the opening date is indicated. The directory is kept up to date by our editorial staff.

If you are an operator or user of a coworking space that has not been listed yet, please contact us . Thank you!

Video Tour: Flacon Coworking (Moscow, Russia)

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Thanks to the video of Hannes Sander from (Ammersee Denkerhaus, which just opened about 50km from Munich), we can continue today with the Video Tour of  Spaces in the European CoWorking Directory by presenting you Flacon Coworking in Moscow (Russia)

If you have a video tour of your coworking space, please let us know at redaktion@coworking-news.de, so we can link it to your entry in our Coworking Directories.


Microsoft gets into Free Coworking with BizSpark on Tour in Berlin, Munich & Cologne start 8th of April 2013

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Free Coworking takes place when financial capital meets social capital. Big companies are catching on and the coworking community is ready to respond. It is a win-win-win situation for big companies, coworking places and coworkers.
Microsoft is now following many companies big and small that have started to engage in sponsored/free coworking worldwide.
The Microsoft BizSpark on Tour starts on Monday focussing on App development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone as well as setting up of Cloud Backends. For more details and more free coworking events see the Coworking Calendar:

Video Tour: utopic_US Madrid (Spain)

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We are happy to present a new entry to the European CoWorking Directory (now 175 spaces) with two videos below: utopic_US from Madrid

Video by Jaime Dávila, Guillermo Balbastre & Luismadrid